bad consultants

Returning phone calls and emails

  • A good consultant will always return your phone calls and email messages in a timely manner. Even if he is too busy to t
    girls on phone
    ake your call, he will leave you a short message telling you that he will get back to you as soon as he is available. He will never leave your email or phone calls unanswered. In today’s high tech world of instant communication, there is simply no excuse whatsoever for any consultant to ignore your calls or emails. Doing so is a tell-tale sign of a non-responsive consultant and it also shows a lack of professionalism and respect.

Do you really know your consultant?

I came across a discussion panel in LinkedIn recently that was very interesting. There was this environmental consultant who was asking people questions like:
How do you prepare a Health and Safety Plan? Can someone send me a copy because I have to review a Health and Safety Plan for my client? I don’t know how to write a report. Can someone show me? He also posted on the same discussion panel his background which I show below unedited (bad grammar and all):
“I have MS in Environmental engineering. As far as experience,i dont have any,But i feel confident in doing this job. my company is a very small one with 7 far as training is concerned,no training is provided to me.i just have to review the previous reports,understand it and write a report based on the site conditions and other correction is made by my boss before sending to the client”.
He asked a lot of questions but he never participated in any discussion of any kind. Why? Because he has neither the experience nor the knowledge to engage in any discussion. He is like a baby chick sitting in a nest with its mouth wide open waiting to be fed by his mother.
This recent college graduate works for an environmental consulting firm in New York and is being billed out as a Project Manager to his clients!